DNA Studios is experiencing exciting growth and is implementing a new payment system. DNA is utilizing our new accounting firm Stander and Associates.

They, in conjunction with ADP, will handle the payments.


Benefits of the new systems are:


  • Slightly faster payments

  • Free ACH direct bank deposits

  • Faster end of year 1099 documents

  • Better tracking and reporting of payments

  • No more waiting on the mail to deliver a check


Please click on this secure link to securely submit your information into our new system. 


ALL PAYMENTS OWED from JAN 20, 2021 and on will use this new system. All payments prior will use the old system.


You will still send invoices after EVERY event to Lori Beth at invoice@dnastudios.tv


Thank you for your patience while we switch to this better system. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.